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Restaurant App Builder

You can easily build apps for restaurants with the Tier1Apps platform. We make it simple. You can even text message all of your users from our extremely easy to use admin interface.

You can build an app in 10-15 minutes and make it as simple or complex as you would like. We built the Tier 1 Apps interface to be incredibly easy to use so you won’t have any trouble creating apps.

Our restaurant app builder makes it incredibly easy to build apps for restaurants.

Here is a video showing the inside of the app builder.

We have a lot of resellers who focus primarily on restaurants for their customers who need apps. You will love the power and flexibility the platform gives you plus you can make a decent income if you charge $300 setup and $50 per month because you get to make up to 100 apps and you keep all of the profit when you sell one to another team or restaurant etc.

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Demo Video

We created a quick demo video of the Tier 1 Apps mobile app builder. The platform makes it easy to build mobile apps. You can watch it below.

We have been building and perfecting this platform over the past 5 years. It powers tens of thousands of apps already and it’s ready to power your mobile business card or app.

If you would like more information about our platform you can checkout our features page at Tier 1 Apps Features

Can You Make Money Selling Apps To Businesses?

Almost every small business that has customers could benefit from having their own mobile app.  From restaurants, bars, clubs, sports teams, realtors, professionals, car dealers, offices, schools and much more.

You can also use our mobile apps as a digital business card.

With powerful features built right in your apps are exactly what business owners want and need. Just show business owners a sample app and mention some of the key features to get their attention.

We have been building this mobile app platform from the ground up over the past 5 years. You will not find a platform that has had more time and investment into making sure everything works properly.

You can make money by selling these apps to local businesses.  Every pizza place, taco stand, restaurant, bar, realtor, car lot, etc needs their own app.  The ability the text your customers with special offers and discounts can have a profound effect on a business.

When we first developed this mobile app platform I made a demo app and walked into a bar/restaurant in Austin, Texas. Upon showing the app to the bartender he went in the back and got the general manager.  The manager was so excited when he saw it he told me that he wanted it within 3 minutes of showing it to him and he bought my lunch while we talked more about it and had signed up and paid his first month later that day.

Imagine having a chance to get a new client every time you try a new place to eat lunch or dinner.

These apps sell themselves. You just have to show them to people and let them know that you can make them one for their own business. You can also sell mobile business cards for anyone who wants something more modern than the same old boring paper business card.

We would love to hear your stories about selling apps in the comments below.

You can learn more about our Mobile Apps Reseller Program

Should Your Restaurant Offer A Mobile App?

Most people have piles of menus from their favorite restaurants laying around their house. They get crammed in drawers and lost in clutter and eventually thrown out.  When you go to looking for one you can just never find it.  Do you know what I mean?

You are not alone. Many restaurants are getting a mobile app so that they can put their menu right on their customers phone.

This makes is really simple for you to have your menu in front of your customers more often and it’s much more accessible than a paper menu.  You can even update your menu in real time and it’s automatically updated on your app.

When you have your own app you can easily update your menu, offer discounts and special offers, create and utilize loyalty rewards and incentives for your customers to come back and much more.

Our apps make it incredibly easy for you to build a text database so you can text specials and deals to your best customers.  You can make your slowest night your busiest night with your own app and the ability to text offers and discounts to your customers.

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