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Church App Builder

You can easily build an app for your church or several churches with our Church App Builder. Tier 1 Apps provides the most robust and easy to use app builder online and we will be happy to help you get your church app designed and ready to use.

Your church app can be a prayer group where you can easily text all members with little effort or an app for the entire church where you can text everyone with updates and information. You could also create an app just for the youth group where it is custom just to them and the apps work on all phones without having to mess with the app stores.

This is a great service to have for any church. We have several resellers who focus on building apps for churches and get a lot of extra exposure for their app business. You can order a single app for your church here or become a reseller to be able to create hundreds of apps with the Tier 1 Apps Church App Builder.

We have resellers from around the world using this system to connect millions of people.

It is easy to have your own app that helps you to easily engage with church members via their cell phone and not have to worry about a regular website.  Most people prefer to use their phone and they will be able to get instant updates from administrators.

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