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App Builder Features

Create Beautiful Apps FAST!

With just a few clicks give a web app its own personality and style using one of our beautiful pre-made templates or design your own. We pride ourselves with the most advanced templates and color options of any app maker on the market today.

Preview Changes Instantly!

When designing and creating a web app, seeing your changes in real time helps you build beautiful web apps faster. Our control panel has been optimized to allow you to see exactly what a mobile user will see when visiting a web app from their phone.

Color & Style Designer

The latest version of our web app creator includes a whole list of color and design options which allow you to tailor the look and feel of your web app easily. if you are new to creating web apps, then start off easily by selecting one of our pre-made designs and customize the colors and options to fit your needs. Our system allows you to change the font families, font sizes, font weight, text colors, background colors, background images, background transparency and a lot more.

App styles

Our control panel gives you the flexibility to design your web apps in many different ways. You can create 100 different web apps and each one will have a unique look and feel to them. We offer pre-made templates that will help you get started quickly and help you understand what styling options are available to you. For our more advanced users, we offer the option to start with a blank canvas and create the web app style that fits their needs. We always stay up to date with the latest app designs to give you the most current and trendy style options available.

Slide Out Menu

Allow your web app users to easily navigate using a slide out menu. No matter what page they are visiting, a user can easily jump to another area of your web app quickly. You can easily change the style of the menu, add and remove links from the menu, and change the method the menu slides into and out of view on the screen. You can also remove the slide out menu completely if needed.


Digital vCards are the latest technology to hit web apps. With just a click of a button, users can add your contact information into their phone’s contacts easily. After downloading your vCard to their phone, people will have your phone number(s), email address, mailing address, fax number, and even a small picture icon. This is a great way for people to be able to contact you quickly from their contact list on their phone.

Restaurant Menus

Everyone loves to see details about the entrees a restaurant has to offer. Our simple to use restaurant menu creator allows you to include details about each entree and side dish a restaurant offers. You can also include appetizers, the entire wine list, and kid’s entrees. With each item you add, you will be given the option to include the name of the entree, a detailed description, the price, and photos. We also have an integrated shopping cart that will allow customers to order menu items right from their phone.

Products & Services

When potential customers can see what products and services you has to offer, it is bound to bring in more people. Our products & services creator allows you to display products & services on any web app easily. Simply enter the products, a small description, an image and a price and people can browse all the products offered. We also integrate our products & services area with an easy to use shopping cart to allow people to order products from their mobile phone.

Shopping cart

Make it easy to sell more! Our system is designed to allow customers an easy way to add items to a mobile shopping cart, modify their cart and check out easily from their phone. Our system is integrated with all the latest PayPal APIs allowing people to purchase items using either a credit card, debit card, or their PayPal balance. We also include an option for customers to enter their shipping address if they would prefer to have their purchase shipped to their home.

Social Media Links

Including links to social media pages allows people an easy way for people to find your social media accounts quickly. Giving them an easy way to access all your social media posts, pictures, and videos. Currently our system fully supports Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+, YouTube, LinkedIn, Yelp, TripAdvisor, Foursquare, Pinterest, and Zomato. If you would like us to integrate with another platform just let us know!

Photo gallery

We offer a robust and easy to use photo gallery to allow you to upload photos and create photo groups easily. Our system is designed to optimize each photo you upload, allowing web app visitors to browse your photos quickly without a high amount of bandwidth needed. Our system is designed to allow you to upload an unlimited number of photos, create as many photo groups as needed, reorganize photos, include photo captions above the photos, and delete photos as needed.

Easily Share Apps With Friends

Allow your web app visits an easy way to share your web app with their friends and family members. This is a great way to get more visitors to your web app with little effort. We have integrate an easy way for people to share your web app using both text messaging and email. Visitors only need to enter a friend’s phone number or email address, and they will receive a message about your web app.

1 Click Call Buttons

Allowing new and existing customers to reach your easily is key. This is why we have integrated an easy way for you to include click-to-call buttons on your web app easily. Not only can you setup a button to allow customers to call, but you can also create click-to-text buttons as well. This makes it very easy for customers to contact you via text message when they are unable to speak on the phone. If you have more than one phone number, not to worry. Our system allows you to add as many click-to-call and click-to-text buttons as needed.

Embed YouTube Videos

YouTube videos have become very popular in recent years. People are starting to post videos about themselves, their business, and their products & services on YouTube. By including YouTube videos directly in the web app, you can allow visitors to see more information about you and what you have to offer. It’s a great way for people to understand exactly what you offer in just a few minutes.

Custom Homescreen Icon

Many people like to save our web apps to their home screen on their phone to easily access them later. When someone saves a web app to their home screen, you can customize what icon people will see on their home screen. Our system takes care of all the magic of resizing the icon and making sure it is compatible with all iPhone and Android phones on the market today.

Google Analytics Integration

Keeping track of what pages people are visiting is a great way to get feedback about your web app. It helps to understand what parts of your web app you should focus on more and what your customers are looking for. If you notice many people browsing your restaurant menu, then perhaps it would be a good idea to offer more pictures, longer descriptions or add a shopping cart (if you have not already done so).

Customer feedback

Everyone loves to hear feedback from other people. It helps them improve their business and lets them know what is or is not working. Your web app visitors will also be happy to see that they can give you feedback about their experience with you and your business. By simply filling out a form, your customers can let you know if they had a positive or not so positive experience while working with you and your business. Their feedback will be instantly emailed to you, allowing you to review their feedback and take action immediately.

Email Us

Some times customers want to contact you by email instead of a phone call or text message. Our system allows you to easy create a link on your home page that allows people to contact you directly. Once a web app visitor has filled out the contact form, you will receive an email instantly with their question or comment.

Touch phone scratch offs

Offering your web apps visitors a way to win prizes is a great way to keep them engaged and coming back to your web app again and again. We are proud to offer the ability to offer a digital scratch off system which allows your web app visitors a chance to win a prize. Our digital scratch off is very customizable, allowing you to set how often a person would win, which prize(s) to offer and set an expiration date for the offer. You can even customize a personal message when someone wins, or when someone has not won.

Custom Forms

Our robust form generator allows you to include forms on your web app and receive the information easy once someone has filled out the form. Our form builder uses a simple to use drag and drop system and allows you to build a custom form in a matter of minutes. Our platform enables you to easily add radio buttons, input fields, drop down menus, text areas, check boxes, utilize submit buttons and upload files. When someone fills out the form, you will receive an email instantly so you can take the correct action. Our system also includes the ability for you to export all the form submissions to a CSV file so you can view the information in Microsoft Excel.

Display/Promote Events

Whether you are a band, a DJ, own a night club, or manage town events you will find our event builder easy to use while giving your web app visitors all the details needed about your event and find your event easily. Our event builder allows people to view the name of the event, read a detailed description of the event, view photos related to the event, quickly find out the starting and ending dates and times, and even get a map of the event’s location. These details will make it very easy for people to understand what events you are offering, which in turn will attract more people.


We are happy to now offer multiple languages as part of our web app builder platform. We currently offer the ability to pick from English, Spanish, or French. Whether you are in Canada, Spain, South America, or France you will be happy to know our web apps can be setup in your native language.

Beautiful Apps

Our mobile app platform is hosted in the cloud so it works on Android, Windows, or Mac.

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