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Mobile Marketing Tips

Try searching a couple of local businesses on a smart phone. How does their site look? Then try it on different devices and note what you have noticed on the site. You can use location-based marketing to share your location-based information through social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

You can also deliver an offer, coupon to mobile phone users and offer incentives for location-based activities such as visiting a store multiple times. Familiarize yourself with Mobile Marketing
The best way to learn mobile marketing is by using it yourself.

If you have a smart phone, why not play around with the mobile features and applications available on your phone? If you become more familiar with mobile media and the incredible things it can do, you’ll be more confident about using it for your own marketing initiatives.

Drafting your elevator speech

There is something incredibly empowering about being able to concisely describe what you’re doing and you should do it for your mobile campaign. Come up with a simple sentence or two that clearly explains what your business is.

SMS Marketing

Just like email marketing, it involves lead generation, relationship building, value adding and the most important thing, selling. Keep in mind that with SMS marketing, most of the costs are passed on to the consumers so you should know the price per SMS.

You should also remember to steer clear of spamming as your number will be blacklisted by telecommunications provider.

Third Party Mobile Applications

You can try to work out a deal with companies that already have a presence in the mobile world. Some popular applications are Google Maps and Yelp. Listing your business on Google Maps can get your business targeted attention. Other mobile applications allow ad placements which is another way to get your business some exposure. Every element of your campaign should be designed with mobile devices in mind.

This makes it more effective and can be accomplished though steps like clickable phone numbers and pages with navigation tabs to make your site easy to navigate on a mobile phone or device. The emails should be put together in a mobile format because a lot more people are reading from their mobile phones these days.

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